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Green Star Solutions, Inc. delivers sustainable energy solutions throughout Texas to power your home, business or vehicle.

Going green is no longer a fad or a cliché used by businesses to appear they are good citizens. Green energy is smart, cost-saving, and the best source of energy to power our homes and businesses. Green energy is new to many people, and it's difficult to find trustworthy, experienced professionals in the industry. That's what sets Green Star Solutions apart from others. We've been green energy experts long before going green was popular. Our work is NABCEP Certified, so you can have assurance and confidence we'll guide you through the process of creating green energy for your home and business.

Green Star is proud to provide services and expertise in Solar Electric Systems, Solar Thermal Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Solar Attic Fans, and Support Services for Green Technologies.

Using energy that falls on our soil is the best way to power our homes and businesses. It's patriotic. We all have to do our part to separate ourselves from unfriendly and undependable sources.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"The installation of 4.6.kW solar panel PV system was done professionally, in a timely manner and without any inconvenience to me." - Mr. Leroy Hassler Click here for Mr. Hassler's full letter of reference.

"My Nexpower PV system has taken my electric bill for some months down to zero, yes ZERO. Green Star Solutions did a great job on my system. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and looks of the system." - Jaro Nummikoski Click here to download a spreadsheet of Jaro's sytem performance data.

"Green Star's Experience proved to be invaluable on my installation as I knew it would be difficult. I am so glad I chose Green Star Solutions, they give you a great value for your money, a reliable company that takes great pride in what they do." - David Hooge

"Green Star did a great job! They got us a rebate we didn't know existed, saving more money and being "green" at the same time." - Mike Hemker

"They made our deadline with dependability and professionalism, we will recommend them to our friends, family and neighbors." - Geoff Harter

"I'm very pleased with my PV system and Green Star Solutions, these Texas guys know how to do the job, and the value of my home is now thousands more."- Bill Ley

"Gary, Michael and team did a great job on my NexPower thin film solar panels. The installation was professional, their timeliness was admirable, and their commumication throughout the whole process was greatly appreciated. My solar panels start producing electricity as soon as the sun comes up, and don't quit until it has gone completely. I couldn't be happier." - Jacob Forbis




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