About Green Star Solutions

Having completed over 150 projects with more than 700 Kilowatts of solar energy, we believe in the power of a clean, primary energy resource-the sun. The founders of the company merged our belief in green energy with our concern for the bottom line, saving green, to form Green Star Solutions. Each of us is dedicated to helping provide you with a economically viable energy solution for everyday life.

Our Proposal & Site Visit process will answer many of your questions about going solar. In addition to a photovoltaic (PV) electric generating system, our new Solar Hot Water Systems and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations will save you money.

What sets our company apart is the ability not only to install a Solar System, but to integrate multiple green technologies and applications for maximum benefits.

Green Star Solutions Evolved Naturally

Gary Bynum was the owner of a successful plumbing business where he was one of the first in central Texas to receive a Green Plumbing License. In addition to his plumbing experience, Gary has over 40 years experience in the construction industry. With this experience, he put together the team that is Green Star Solutions, Inc. In addition to Gary’s skill-set, we maintain an Electrical Contractor’s License. (Certified by Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation)

Never Resting on our Laurels

Green Start Solutions is a pioneer in renewable energy. We created a company legacy of energy-saving solutions. Rather than have you sift through a mountain of information, we strive to assist and educate our customers regarding energy savings, available rebates and tax advantages. Green Star strives to utilize “Made in the USA” renewable energy-generating products. Our goal, like yours, is to make a positive environmental impact that makes economic sense.

We Believe Green is Gold

As the result of an ever-evolving industry, Green Star Solutions continues to expand to meet the needs of our customers. When we can make your project more energy-efficient, affordable, and greener.