SAVINGS:  Why Invest in Solar Energy

Because Solar Pays Off

Common Sense Economics
: The sun shines on everything. Think of the money you could be saving by making your rooftop a productive asset. It’s a waste of money not to harvest the free energy falling upon every commercial, industrial, or residential roof.

Utility Savings: Photovoltaic (PV) electricity and solar water heating (SWH) reduce operating costs. If net metering is allowed in your area, then excess PV will return energy to the grid while offsetting your building’s energy cost burden.

Incentives, Credits & Rebates: Solar provides a number of ways to jump-start your energy saving goals. Green Star products and services provide energy savings that are based on local, state, and federal government criteria and can be combined for maximum savings. For example, our federal government offers a tax credit on renewable energy installations. Utility rebates and other incentives are available depending upon your service provider.

Green Star Solutions, an authorized installer for Austin Energy and CPS Energy.

Because We Care

Solar Energy is Clean
: Solar energy offers many benefits. Among those are health, safety, and environmental. Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions that build up in our atmosphere. This is because solar does not emit carbon or other harmful substances. Solar does not need power lines for transmission and is safe to work around. Solar power performance is at its peak when energy demand is the highest.

Green Environmental Impact: The use of solar energy reduces fossil fuel consumption. Most components used in a system are recyclable. Operating is virtually maintenance free, is highly efficient, reliable, and long-lasting.

Because Solar is Transformative

Solar is the solution for forward-thinking individuals who are concerned about rising energy costs, climate change, and our global future. The sun has power to provide inexpensive means to give you peace of mind. Solar energy has a wide range of applications that will be a tremendous force to help build a green economy, and can transform our economy into a powerful engine during our lifetime.